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What he does present is the case for the autonomy and flexibility of the interaction order, that it can be examined systematically and meaningfully, and that this can be done within the social context of societal structures.

Symbolic interactionism attempts to explain such differences in message interpretation as it analyzes how people attach various meanings to words and symbols.

The third employee clears his afternoon schedule and spends a few minutes mentally readying himself to receive important information.

At meeting time, however, the executive is upset; he wanted the employees to prepare by arranging the conference room and making copies of the meeting’s agenda for the other attendees.

Also, instead of conducting research through surveys and interviews, interactionists prefer to study the face-to-face interactions of individuals.

According to interactionists, communication not only determines human behavior, but also personal and social identity, as illustrated by the following process: Step 1 – Humans who wish to communicate create symbolic language to represent their ideas.

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