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Some like the custom servers, some like the custom maps... I haven't covered all the bases here- I really, really don't want to go into the Economy of TF2 here, because that'd double this post's size, or the engine that TF2 uses, because then i'd start an hour long rant about how broken the Source engine is, and more.

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In a comment, sigsegv__ pointed out that he'd reported this bug to Valve after a developer of the TF2 Classic mod, Nicknine, first exposed the issue in a video a few weeks ago and claimed it had been in the game since its original release.

Sometimes these come at the behest of the title's community, and dedicated users can be counted on to pick apart janky or erratic flaws faster than developers can address them.

Unless everyone misses something for, say, a decade.

We can speculate that, due to being younger, Overwatch may get different weapons for characters down the line, to make the game a bit more interesting, just like TF2 did. ) What i'm saying is, that despite the fact Overwatch doesn't have stuff people love about TF2, doesn't mean they never will.

Everyone is is on the (as of now) failing VR gaming train crash. Because of the way Valve is run, everyone is betting on the hottest new thing, VR. So at this point, most of what we love about TF2 is likely coming later on.

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