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Medical alert services and remote monitoring of medical devices such as pacemakers that are designed for traditional landlines may or may not "work on an IP substitute and will absolutely not work on wireless," he says.Feld says landlines could become an endangered species.En español | More Americans are ditching their telephone landlines.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which regularly tracks telephone usage, says the number of U. households relying only on cellular devices for phone service jumped to more than 35 percent by the first half of 2012 from about 20 percent in 2008.Here is a top 10 of internet and email scams, which amazingly, continue to snare new victims every day somewhere in the world, despite the fact that many of us are probably aware of their existence.Some of these scams and frauds are covered in more detail within other sections of the guide.

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C., says that abandoning a landline to save a few dollars per month can prove costly.

The screen shows a map and exactly where the call is coming from, the address and the name of the residence.

Should the caller be unable to speak, get confused or not know where they are, the 911 screen shows EMS …

AT&T and Verizon, the two largest landline providers, are eliminating some landlines because maintaining them is less profitable than providing wireless or Vo IP services.

"In a country where we have an increasing number of elderly who need to make sure that medical device and medical alert services work, who need the superior voice quality," says Feld, "how do we make sure they are protected?

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