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My gaze slid to Amery Archer in the adjacent engineer’s room, where she was prescreening calls. I winked, then ducked just in time to avoid Ian’s elbow as it swung toward my ear.The time on the computer ticked down to forty-five seconds.“Sandy blond hair, blue eyes,” I rose on my toes and leveled my hand at the tip of his ear, “about yea high. ” I paused and made my voice breathy, “that I wanted Brian’s gorgeous body all over mine?The guy I had a date with tonight until you had a talk with him this afternoon.” Catching his smirk, I cuffed him upside the head. ” I slid my hands over my torso and lowered my eyelids, hissing a breath in between my teeth. It smells like cheap sex and knockoff perfume in there.” The only thing I could smell was fresh air, since his window was wide open, but I had to give him a little crap for his cavalier sex life; it’s what I did. Now that I don’t have a date—thank you very much—you’re giving me a ride to work tonight.You can look through the paperback and make sure everything printed correctly before approving the book for live sale.

(Hint: Libraries won't accept self-published authors for their catalogues. You can place a call to Create Space and get on the phone with a support member immediately.

What you want is for the cover to stand alone without any awkward white border.

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His grin widened, making the cheekbones he’d inherited from a distant Native American ancestor more pronounced. Let’s welcome Vanessa to the show,” I said, reading the name from the computer screen. “Never mind.” Sliding further down in his chair, he propped his left arm behind his head.

The sleeve of his black T-shirt rode up, revealing the bottom tendrils of the tattoo on his defined bicep, still a little red from the work he’d had done the previous weekend. ”I chuckled into my hand and Ian drew a check mark in the air.

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