Top 10 most intimidating venues world

It’s also a charmingly quirky place, whose rickety turnstiles (which, like the Johnny Haynes stand, are listed) and red-brick facade have the aura of a different, gentler age.

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But the club is probably best known for its enthusiastic fan base all over the world.According to Simon Inglis, author of Football Grounds of Britain, it was Arsenal who first used the name “Spion Kop” for a sloped terrace (after the 1900 Boer War battle fought on a hill), but “Anfield’s Kop inspired all later imitations… In its heyday, the Kop held 30,000 fans—although not always comfortably.It was demolished in 1994 with the coming of all-seated stadiums, but nearly 20 years later the new stand has yet to be accepted by all Liverpool fans—and that’s an understatement.When the team won against Barcelona in 2012, even Rod Stewart, a Celtic man to his core, had to have a packet of Kleenex handy. For tours, go to The home of Newcastle United is all about location, location, location: it’s right in the centre of the city, five minutes from the main shopping centre.This has brought its own problems—namely past wrangles with the local council over expansion.

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