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Indeed, Trina’s obsession with appearance only becomes clear when you realize just how much is at stake for her with this next video which, per the tradition of music videos, is intended to promote “Money Ain’t a Problem,” another recent single “You” (described quite accurately by as “an open letter to a man who had his chance”), as well as a record slated for release later this year.Though Trina is a well-respected artist in her own right, she has arguably never obtained the mainstream recognition long received by her male counterparts in the Miami and national rap scenes.female rapper and, in a cruel irony, as an accessory to some of the men whose careers she has helped shape.Perhaps worse for her career, the steps she has taken to compete in this climate—being the baddest and nastiest and maybe the most sexed-up lady dropping rhymes, rather than a nuanced lyricist—might have hamstrung her ascent as an artist.A recent NPR essay even quipped that Trina is “more than willing to oblige” the stereotype.It was Trina’s solo performance that sold the song and record on the crowd, bolstering the then-struggling Slip-N-Slide label, according to C. The crowd was attentive, sure, but wasn’t riled up until Trina, still unknown in the hip-hop world, strutted on stage in a diamond bra and matching miniskirt and took the mike.O., a longtime colleague and friend who was on tour with Trick and Trina before their careers took off, when they still had what he calls unfulfilled “champagne dreams.”Trick first performed the record at a small Tallahassee, Fla., nightclub called “The Moon,” C. Trina says she never meant to become an artist—let alone a performer known for theatrically narrated, and largely fictional, sexual proclivities.The record is very explosive and what I'm saying, it triggered him to say what he's saying. It's a dope record." Trina also addressed Trick Daddy's controversial comments, where the Slip-N-Slide rapper, also her close collaborator, blasted African-American women. "I think his choice of words of saying ‘black women’ and using a different race of women is what made it sound crazy.“We’re already in this big racial war. Me knowing him as a person -- I think the choice of words was just Trick talking how Trick does, but meaning it the way everybody perceived it.”Check out her interview in full below.July 28, 2016: You know you’ve officially made it in the hip hop game when you start SMASHING Trina.

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As late afternoon nears early evening, Trina decides that, despite having shopped all day, and all day the day before and the day before that, she still might need more clothes.

So she and her crew pack into a rented black Escalade and rush toward another boutique, later lamenting: “I always get there and I’m like, ‘Oh, I Meeting Trina in person, it is not clear why, even for an entertainer, she appears so worried about her appearance.

Her larger-than-life rapper persona (some song titles include: “No Panties” and “Killin You Hoes”) belies her tiny frame and thin-but-curvy figure.

After months of speculation, Trina and Trick Daddy are confirmed cast members on Mona Scott Young’s “Love & Hip Hop Miami.” Trina’s story will focus on her work on her “Diamond Princess” album and management of her “unpredictable” family and Trick will be seen working on creative endeavors while divorcing his wife Joy.

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