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Of course, we cannot simply apply all their templates to Trinidad: if we did, some politicians would be in jail, and 90 per cent of the population would be cast in concentration camps (well, jail cyah hold all ah we! As far back as in 1967, city planners saw the need for rail-based urban transport by 1992—25 years ahead!

By comparison, that was the same year in which the Dr Eric Williams Government was dismantling the remaining rail system in Trinidad.

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Trinidadand Tobago Reporters January 04, 2009 Undefeated Trinidad and Tobago boxing champion, Giselle Salandy, died following a vehicular accident on the Beetham Highway, on the outskirts of Port of Spain, this morning, January 4th 2009.

The 21 year old boxing sensation succumbed to her injuries at the Port of Spain General Hospital around 8.29 a.m.

Most recent reports indicate that Watson suffered two broken legs and is in a critical condition.

By Raffique Shah November 09, 2014 One of these not-so-good days, vehicular traffic in this cussed country will grind to a halt.

Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church in La Romaine to remember and bid farewell to the World Boxing Champion Jizelle Salandy.

They came in buses, maxis and cars from all over Trinidad to pay their last respects…

With vehicular density (cars per 1,000 people) somewhere around 600 and growing, and Government boasting of vehicle sales as a barometer of a robust economy, we shall soon reach saturation where, if all the vehicles take to the roads at the same time, the country would be stricken with severe traffic constipation.

Over the past 20 years, how many kilometres of new roads have been constructed in this country?

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