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My extended thanks go out to Jeremy Ashkenas and Document Cloud for creating and these members of the community for their assistance making this project far better than I could have imagined.

This book is targeted at novice to intermediate developers wishing to learn how to better structure their client-side code.

Developing Applications targets 1.1.x (and Underscore 1.6.x) and will actively attempt to stay up to date with more recent versions of these libraries.

Where possible, if you find using a newer version of Backbone breaks an example, please consult the official guide to upgrading as it contains instructions for how to work around breaking changes.

Its nature was to make Ajax requests then update text on the page and so on.

Most likely, you would end up with a nightmarish tangle of UI callbacks entwined with business logic, destined to be discarded by the poor soul who inherits your code.

Thankfully, there are a growing number of Java Script libraries that can help improve the structure and maintainability of your code, making it easier to build ambitious interfaces without a great deal of effort.

This means you can purchase or grab a copy of the book for free or help to further improve it.

Corrections to existing material are always welcome and I hope that together we can provide the community with an up-to-date resource that is of help.

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