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Fortunately, ASU Online has tech support available by phone or live chat 24/7 so this has been an extremely helpful resource for me.

In my experience, I’ve found that online programs help level the playing field for seniors.

There are distinct criteria from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that dictate the differences between a fear and a phobia.

The most basic difference is that a phobia interferes with your life while the consequences of a fear are much less severe.

Between the ages of 6 and 12, many kids are afraid of the dark, but this is a normal stage of development and not a phobia.

The rate of successful treatment for specific phobias like nyctophobia is about 90 percent and often accomplished through techniques drawn from the cognitive-behavioral school of therapy.

The treatment plan your therapist suggests for you or your child may include: Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxiety.

Adults also can retain a bit of fear of the dark throughout life.

Learn when this fear becomes a phobia and how it can be treated.

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