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"She is going to be devastated to hear that he has found someone else so quickly. She's just in the final stages of her course at the London College of Speech and Drama. It was James who ended things and she feels she's never had a proper explanation."His career has really taken off and it doesn't help her that he is never off the television screen."Posters of him are even plastered all over the London underground which makes it difficult for her to move on." James, 24, from Glasgow, said| recently of his love scenes with Anne-Marie: "It was terrifying. In the end I was a bit shocked about how realistic it looks."I've never had sex on the kitchen floor, and I've never had that violent and kind of clumsy sex, so it's quite funny to see myself do that." Anne-Marie said of the scenes: "You just feel a proper Charlie when you do that sort of work. When they first started going out they allegedly remained very tight lipped about their relationship. The couple got married when he was 27 and she was 36 on 18'We keep our noses clean and keep our stuff private.When it comes to my friends, I'm no longer quite as generous with my love.

Once he landed the role on Shameless, Mc Avoy began a relationship with his on screen love interest Anne-Marie Duff. And my heart also belongs to my son and my grandparents.

The Atonement star, 37, who split from fellow actor Anne-Marie Duff, 45, said in an interview with Woman magazine recently: “You never know who’s the right one. "There are many people you could fall in love with forever. "I don’t care if people are living without a marriage certificate.

It is just about people saying , ‘I commit to you’.” The actor, who has been romantically linked to his X-Men: Apocalypse co-star Alexandra Shipp, 24, fell for Anne-Marie in 2004 after starring together in Shameless.---------------------------------------------------------------“My Wonderland would be where you can escape and actually experience anonymity,” says the star, once famous for being elusive and avoiding the Hollywood limelight but increasingly basking in its glare of late.

“[Raising them alone is] challenging but we manage.

I work but my children are my priority.” However, the Mad Max: Fury Road star says despite not having a partner to share parenting duties, she has never been so at peace: “Nothing’s better than the sound of little ones cracking up at something funny.

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