Who is lucy lawless dating

After sat down with Laweless at the Television Critics Assn. LL: At the end of the first season, they framed it and gave it to me.

OK, just a little opium.” Then you’re completely uninhibited and them something happens. I think Gaia is omnivorous and that continues to play on. Same sex, different sex, multiple sex, whatever, it all goes on. AE: Is this a one-night stand with Gaia or is it something we could see more of? “I should have.” How does it feel to be the illegitimate son of Zeus? They had another actress slated for the part.” Really? “Vanessa Angel, she was on that series .” Leave it to good guy Sorbo to stick up for an angel and let rip on the lawless.“You know what, we’re all bastards – we’re guys.” You mentioned the spin-off. I tell ya, if the real Hercules had been as charming as the man who played him on TV, his wife Deianeira would’ve never poisoned him, whether he was being unfaithful or not. It’s coming out in March.” Playboys, scumbags, gods and serial killers – it’s all in a day’s work for Kevin Sorbo. It’s called creator and producer for all of the 14 years that show was on the air. If syndicated television were still going, we’d be shooting right now.” What’s your take on Miami anyway? I’m not going to say on who, but I’m just going to say it’s RED! LL: Yes, but we’re not going to say in what capacity.reboot that we thought was dead is actually alive and well.

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