Who is mathew knowles dating

Beyoncé best describes what a “total package” is when it comes to the entertainment world: the right height and weight, ideal waist and bust, well-balanced figure and stunning looks.

And she knows how to put them in action be it on the stage, at a gala event, during a concert, or when shooting a music video.

Beyonce’ wears Bra Size 32C and US size 8 dresses to enhance her gorgeous body and finishes off with shoe size 8.5(US).

To maintain this figure, she puts lots of time and work at the gym.

She later enrolled at the Parker Elementary School which is a well-known music school in Texas.She also has a small waist that measures 26 inches (66 cms), while her hips including her behind measure 39 inches (99cms).Simply looking at her figure, Beyoncé has an appealing “pear shaped” figure that not only makes her sexy but also among the women with large butts.She acknowledges that she has a larger-than-average behind and has never been ashamed of it.In fact, she is very comfortable with her figure and will be seen flaunting it when necessary.

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