Who is wang lee hom dating

Born and raised in New York, Leehom embodies the Coach brand, a New York fashion label with a profound history of style.Andre Cohen, President and CEO of Coach Asia says Lee Hom represents what Coach is all about today – modern, multicultural and a true artist.TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Wang Lee Hom announced Thursday through his manager that he and his 27-year-old girlfriend Lee Jing Lei had registered their marriage on Wednesday, reported Taiwan media."Especially thankful for the well-wishes from my fans and the media,” said Wang through his manager. If he talks about his ideal girl, then he is mostly likely NOT GAY. There was this online poll and most people voted for "Leehom Wang x Daniel Wu" as best Brokeback Mountain (Asian) Couple.

He first came to prominence when he was 19 years old.Lee Hom will also be making an appearance for the Coach store reopening this week at The Gardens Mall!You can head over one of these days to catch a glimpse of the superstar, if you’re lucky! A girl who doesn't check up on him 24/7 and tells him to spend time with her. I HATE THESE REPORTERS..those ppl who made this up dont have a freaking life.just can't leave poor lee hom alone away from his private stuff.. and he doesn't act gay, he doesn't dress gay, he doesn't talk gay, NOTHING BOUT HIM IS GAY!! Untitled-15.jpg by tammiest, 11 November 2008 - AM. just because he's too busy right now for a girlfriend... He doesn't act gay, and in his interviews he did mention stuff about liking girls in High school and college. In his English interview, he said he was looking for an independent girl. And he writes his own lyrics, or at least co-writes them. you can't expect a man to not focus in his career and go out and find a girlfriend how would he take care of his girlfriend if he doesn't pay attention to his career..

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