Whos keira knightley dating

Knightley's character, Elizabeth Swann, got caught up in the action along with Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), and she reprised her role in the film's 20 sequels.With her classic good looks, Knightley became the go-to girl for period dramas.In 2014, Knightley also co-starred in the music comedy/drama In May 2012, Knightley announced her engagement to British musician James Righton of the Klaxons.She and Righton wed in early May 2013, and Knightley gave birth to their first child in May 2015, a daughter named Edie.

'” Knightley smiles again and without flinching replies. I said when the second one came out that there wasn”t going to be another one for me.She played Guinevere in 2004's , a biopic of an 18th century royal."I do a lot of period pieces because that’s my taste, because I want to work in Europe, because that’s my home and generally speaking that’s what’s made in England,” Knightley later said in a 2015 interview.“I love history, you know, but actually because they’ve been the most interesting characters for me that I’ve been offered.” Knightley has nonetheless handled historical, contemporary and futuristic roles with equal ease.In addition to acting, Knightley has worked as a model, appearing in ads for companies like Chanel.Unlike other actresses of her generation, Knightley doesn't crave the nightlife and instead prefers to cook for friends when she has free time.

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