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We attempt to answer these questions in this feature. The most important element when deciding which console to buy this year is support.Will it have the most amount of games that you want to play?Microsoft has Holo Lens - its augmented reality headset which will also be suitable for gaming - but as that headset doesn't even have a realistic consumer release date, it's not a major concern for now.Sadly, Nintendo has no interesting add-ons for Wii U to look forward to and we feel that it is waiting until next year's Nintendo NX reveal instead.Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Super Mario Maker are top titles, but Star Fox Zero seems to be one of the last big games still coming. Things are a bit closer between the two big boys when it comes to third-party titles.

They all have their merits, but which of the three would suit your gaming and entertainment needs the most?

It's that time of year again where the sales of games consoles are sky rocketing and it must be said that there has rarely been a time where the choice of which to buy has been harder to make.

After two years into their lifespans (three for the Wii U), the current generation machines are just hitting their stride.

And titles like The Last Guardian and No Man's Sky (developed for Sony Worldwide Studios by Hello Games), as good as they look, will also be stars of next year's line-up, not this.

Nintendo itself seems to be winding down its own Wii U releases a little, possibly with an eye on its next machine, the NX.

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