Worst dating advice of all time

Then I got advice to excuse bad sex because maybe “it’ll get better with time.” It didn’t. Anything in between those two poles is a waste of my time and yours.” Amen, buddy.

A friend told me the worst advice he ever got was to try to be more “normal” and keep his weirdness under wraps—to slowly reveal it as he went along and allow people time to get used to it. And my all-time favorite WORST piece of dating advice: Don’t be so aggressive!

Another friend recounted being told to pretend to be someone she’s not, while one male friend was advised to “just treat her like shit” or “ignore her completely” to maintain the upper hand in the relationship.

I ended up dating guys who were nice and sweet, but could never find the spark I needed to sustain my interest in another human being.

One friend was told to keep giving a douchey guy breaks. “If he’s a douche on date one or two or three, run away.” Really, the first date is the first chance to make a good impression. ) and definitely to NEVER flirt with a coworker, because you don’t want to .

Her friends assured her that he probably just needed time to get to know her and get comfortable with her. And if the guy’s being a jerk on Date 1, then you can’t really count on him to be Prince Charming on Date 2. Forget the statistic I once read that something like 60% of us meet our life partners through our jobs since, ya know, we spend a huge chunk of our lives with coworkers.

While I can laugh off my grandma’s “wise words,” it’s tougher to do when the same wisdom came from an old boss, a top editor at a popular women’s lifestyle and mommy website.

She vehemently told me I must always have my nails done and use eyeliner to highlight my very pretty, big eyes.

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