Wowjutsu not updating

Social networking sites based around Wo W are growing, but none yet dominates.Rupture is best known (if only for being sold for million, even though it is not widely used by Wo W players).I don’t consider licensed products as part of the Wo W map, however the Wo W Trading Card Game is so popular with Wo W players, it has been included on the fringe.Clustered around the Bay of Mods are the 3 large commercial web empires to have primarily emerged from Wo W: Curse, Inc Gamers, and ZAM.

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Arguably to the detriment of its Wo W services, which are generally now bettered by Curse, ZAM or Wo W Insider.

I'm glad to release version 1.2.6 of the Application Plugin. If the application is posted to a private forum then the user is redirected to the portal, else to the recruitment forum.

It makes a post in a forum specified in the ACP with the answers to the questions that can be added in the ACP. 2010-04-25 : 1.2.1 [new] private or public application option [fix] added jquery changes to Automod, is now futureproof for bbdkp RC4 [fix] fix in checking if options are empty [fix] subsilver2 css support 2010-04-24 1.2.0 [NEW] popup with armory 3d model, Gearlist from Armory, Achievements from Armory Feed [NEW] Radioboxes, selectboxes, Check boxes added [NEW] Core apply class added [CHG] hardcoded strings moved to language file, can easily be translated now.

Places towards the left (west) tend to be “nice” – closely follow Blizzard’s Terms of Use and EULA.

Those towards the right (east) tend to be “naughty” – more likely to be breaking those agreements.

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