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Like last year, the M-Series holds its place as the company’s second-best TV line.

It’ll be available in 50-, 55-, 65-, 70-, and 75-inch versions ranging from 0 to ,000.

Last year’s TVs looked superb, and my inkling is to believe Vizio when the company says these will look slightly better.

The most important thing that’s changed here is the way that you control them. Both the P- and M-Series revert back to a more traditional menu system.

The new approach brings “apps to the forefront of the big screen” — like every other smart TV — while “still giving consumers access to thousands of Chromecast-enabled apps.” This isn’t Android TV, though; rather, it’s proprietary Vizio software with Chromecast integration.

That’s what influenced this shift in the first place.

And although its importance has been diminished, Chromecast might still prove crucial if you’re a Netflix customer.

A tablet, it turns out, isn’t a good remote after all.

Their outward designs are basically identical to last year: the P-Series is still silver, and the M-Series is still black.

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