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Though the product seemingly smacks of Twitter (TWTR) , chief executive Talmon Marco told Chinese messaging sensation We Chat, owned by Chinese Internet and media juggernaut Tencent, ranks as the fifth most popular messaging app with millennials, reaching 9% of people ages 17 to 31 around the world, when excluding China.But in China, 60% of youngsters in this age group turn to We Chat to get their mobile messaging fix.The number was grossly inflated last year after Facebook made the controversial decision to extract the messaging experience from its primary mobile app and instead force people to download the Facebook Messenger for i Phone or Android app to keep in real-time communication with their friends.The company has repeatedly defended the decision as necessary to maintain the service's speed and quality.The feature currently works for the English and Spanish languages, but more languages are said to be coming soon.

It has 181 million active users on a monthly basis. Global expansion appears to be the top priority at present with Line putting off its plans to separate from Naver and list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It blends social networking with chat for a hybrid experience that exists entirely behind closed doors.

The acquisition was questioned at the time because Viber, which charges for calls to non-Viber users, had a net loss of .5 million in 2013.

Rakuten reports Viber results in an "other" category that saw 42.45 billion yen in sales during 2014, which equates to around 7 million.

Though Facebook Messenger and Whats App, which Facebook acquired last year, have accumulated the largest millennial followings, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for the world's largest social network.

Millennials' usage of Facebook proper is falling, according to the report.

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