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However I started to bleed a couple of weeks after that.They brought me into EPU & have been giving me blood tests where my HCG levels are rising but not doubling.He basically sat me down and said this isnt a healthy pregnancy. Basically once i got on the bed he just shoved the scanner it and was rude in my opinion. They have told me its not ectopic and the thing is i was 5 1 yesterday too early to see anything but yet they found a gestational sac in the right place which according to information you shouldnt see if your levels are less than 1000. He can not determine an impending misscarriage based on 3 numbers and also after doing a 1 min scan which he didnt look at all hardly.Had a look for basically a few mins took it out n never said a word! I had to ask questions as he didnt explain anything. I am only 5 weeks and also once they find a gestational sac they do not rely on hcg numbers anymore as they are not reliable. May i ask you did they find a gestational sac on your scans?Im sorry ur going thru something similar hun and i pray it ends differently for u..a hard n stressful time!Pls keep us updated and i have my fingers crossed...yours may just ne slow to rise so keep positive hun but keep part of your self prepared just in case!Im due to be scanned again in 2 weeks and i have my fingers crossed. Please let us know xx I had my scan at 5w 4dcand she just saw a 'mass' at bottom of my womb but about 2 hours later I passed a placenta with a cord. Anyways my levels are 600..havnt gone up alot at all however the doc did see a gestational sac measuring 4.5mm in the right place so ectopic is ruled out. The Jamaican doctor i saw wasnt nice or sympathetic at all.

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However i got pregnant 10 days after my mc and i am now being induced tomorrow with my little boy..a very stressful pregnancy due to my other half but cant wait to see my boy!I said im very early still only just 5 weeks going by dates so surely my levels might just be picking up as its still early...i abruptly got a' its not healthy' due to your levels not doubling..surely the fact that they are rising still is a good thing? I have bad nausea at night and am hungry all the time. It doesn't matter what ur hcg number is- what matters is that it's doubling every 48-72 hours. Ill be honest i am worried, ive never miscarried before, ive got 5 healthy children and had 4 healthy pregnancies and never experienced this before.Ive had 5 children before and never miscarried before either. If its not then chances are the pregnancy will terminate I read forums desperate for good news but just made it worse all these stories how it all worked out for them. My hcg levels were low in my pregnancy with my twins as my tests were only faint when i was late with them and i went on to find out i was having twins.Because the kitchen area is open to the dining room, you never know what banter might come about between cooks, servers and guests. Yours Truly Beachwood offers a little respite from the busy office parks and shops along Chagrin Boulevard.Well since Monday i have been having my bloods done for hcg due to some bleeding after sex. I had the coil out on the 9th Jan and had a period on the 3rd Feb....basically i think i am just dead on 5 weeks..scanned me and did bloods this past monday and doc thought he saw a Gestational sac but wasnt sure i would have been 4 4 which in my opinion is way to early to see anything..hcg levels were 484, went bk for more bloods on wednesday and levels were 579.

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